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Fearless Females

Pretty Toes

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Am I allowed to like myself?


I can't lie.


I have always loved my toes.

They are so petite,

unlike my nose.


And my belly button,

a mini-innie.


Am I allowed to like myself?


My full-ish lips

that divide

and pull wide

into a smile.


Am I allowed

to be proud

of the things I can do?


Of catching mice

and squishing a cockroach

(but I won't do it twice).


Of carrying two babies

my belly stretched

the marks etched

forever mine.


Of nursing with the breasts

that others attacked

and tried to shame me

of their purpose,

in fact.


Can I share

that you too

are beautiful

beyond compare?


For how you look

and fill your days.

For all you do

and all your ways.


I am me

and you are you.

Each so unique

cherished and pure.


Perfect in Christ,

you're the one He chose.

So love yourself

and your pretty toes.













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